Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge

Discover the Diverse Wildlife of Southern Africa


Nestled within the embrace of nature’s grandeur, Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge redefines opulence in every detail. Our expansive and secluded glass-fronted suites, accommodating up to 24 privileged guests, are discreetly scattered across the hillside, hidden amongst tamboti trees and crowned with thatch roofs. A realm of utter privacy awaits, where each suite offers a panoramic canvas of the wild.

Wind your way along wooden walkways illuminated by the warm glow of hurricane lamps, seamlessly connecting the sanctuaries to the heart of the lodge. Here, an open-plan lounge, an inviting bar, a curated wine cellar, a captivating TV room, and a graceful dining area unveil themselves, crowned by the vast embrace of a vaulted ceiling upheld by the twisted trunks of venerable leadwood trees. Cooling fans spin languidly, inviting relaxation in every corner.

Delight in the diverse array of dining experiences that grace this remarkable Madikwe haven. The main deck, commanding views over a vibrant waterhole, offers an extraordinary backdrop to your culinary journey. Alternatively, the elegant dining room beckons with its ambiance of refined comfort, while the open-air traditional boma remains a cherished gathering spot under the celestial canopy. For those yearning for seclusion, private dinners can be savoured on the deck of your suite, a romantic interlude set against the enchanting wilderness.

At Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge, our unwavering dedication and profound passion ensure that each guest departs with an indelible memory of an African safari experience that defies comparison. Whether you seek extraordinary wildlife encounters, envision an unforgettable safari wedding, or dream of a honeymoon immersed in nature’s embrace, Madikwe Hills offers an all-encompassing adventure in the heart of South Africa.

Please take note, the main lodge graciously welcomes guests aged 10 and above, fostering an ambiance of intimacy and romance that makes Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge the epitome of a perfect romantic destination.


  • Wi-Fi
  • Swimming Pool
  • Bar
  • Traditional Boma
  • Wine Cellar
  • Gift Shop

Room Amenities

  • Air Conditioning
  • Minibar
  • Private Lounge
  • Uninterrupted Views
  • Indoor & Outdoor Showers
  • Venetian Bath

What to Expect

Encompassing an expanse of more than 75,000 hectares, Madikwe Game Reserve stands as a testament to the untamed beauty of Africa, where the plains teem with a vibrant tapestry of wildlife and the acacia savannah epitomises nature’s splendour. At the heart of this remarkable wilderness lies Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge, granting you a distinct advantage for unforgettable game drives.

Nestled within the Malaria-free Madikwe Reserve, our lodge serves as a gateway to not only the famed ‘Big 5’ of Africa but also a treasure trove of captivating creatures, including the rare and enigmatic Wild Dog. The dedicated team at Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge eagerly anticipates the opportunity to introduce you to Africa’s remarkable wildlife and to fulfill your every desire.

Encounters with the mesmerising wildlife unfold through exhilarating game drives, immersive walking safaris, and the private sanctity of your suite’s deck. Here, nature’s drama plays out before your eyes, creating indelible memories of Africa’s wonder and splendour.


Luxury Suites

Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge beckons with ten resplendent, generously proportioned suites, where luxury and indulgence define every moment of your stay. These opulent sanctuaries are designed to capture your heart, making it a challenge to leave their embrace.

Step into a world of comfort within your cosy living room, adorned with a magnificent slate-clad chimney, the perfect cocoon for snuggling before an open fire on cooler evenings. This harmonious space flows seamlessly into a tranquil bedroom, adorned with a grand four-poster bed enveloped in layers of billowing muslin. From this vantage point, you can recline in awe and wonder as herds of majestic animals journey to the nearby watering hole, a breathtaking spectacle of nature.

Surrender to the allure of the wild by throwing open the floor-to-ceiling windows. Retreat to a sunbed beneath the shade of a towering acacia tree or, should you prefer, embrace the ultimate in relaxed game viewing by immersing yourself in your personal plunge pool. Prepare to be astonished as the captivating drama of the wilderness unfolds just a stone’s throw from your private deck.

The bathrooms within these suites are nothing short of cathedral-like in their grandeur. A deep, inviting tub takes center stage, set before fold-back windows that unveil the same mesmerising wilderness views. On the opposite wall, a spacious step-up circular shower is nestled, offering an indulgent bathing experience. But the luxury doesn’t end there. Just beyond the far door, an open-air extension awaits, featuring a private outdoor shower adorned with the warmth of hot water – a perfect remedy after an extended dip in your plunge pool.


Little Madikwe

Elevate your safari experience to unprecedented levels of exclusivity by reserving Little Madikwe, where every facet of your journey is tailored to your desires. Here, there are no mixed groups, no shared views, and no competing interests. It’s your adventure, entirely on your terms, offering the pinnacle of flexibility, comfort, and wildlife viewing.

Your safari time is yours to command. You dictate the duration of your drive, the wildlife you wish to encounter, and the terrain you wish to explore within the bounds of our allocated traversing rights. Your dedicated ranger is your personal guide, entirely at your service, ready to answer your questions and craft each experience to align with your unique interests. This level of exclusivity is a dream come true for photography enthusiasts, where time is your ally, and the vehicle is maneuvered to perfection for you to capture the perfect shot.

For Main Lodge guests seeking the ultimate in exclusivity, booking a private vehicle is an option. Confirmation of this privilege can be made a few days prior to your safari, contingent upon Lodge occupancy. When three suites are reserved in the Main Lodge, a private vehicle becomes automatically available. For inquiries regarding rates on private vehicles, kindly contact the Lodge or our reservations team.

Remember, Little Madikwe comes complete with its own private vehicle and game ranger, ensuring that your safari unfolds as an uninterrupted symphony of personalised luxury and adventure.



Game Drives

Embark on a journey through the African bush in style, comfortably seated in state-of-the-art open game vehicles with bucket seats that prioritise your safety and well-being. Our team of knowledgeable and professional field guides leads you on early morning and late afternoon, or evening game drives, seeking encounters with Africa’s majestic big game and its captivating smaller wildlife. On morning game drives, for those who crave a deeper connection with the wild, you have the option to explore the African bush on foot through a gentle bush walk back to the Lodge. This experience unveils exceptional close encounters with the smaller denizens of this wilderness. To savour this adventure fully, winter, with its milder temperatures, is the ideal season for walking safaris.



Wildlife Photography

For those with a passion for capturing the essence of wildlife in photographs, our rangers stand ready to share their expertise and offer valuable tips for capturing the perfect safari picture during your game drives. Our guides are not only seasoned experts in the field but also ardent photography enthusiasts, with many having earned accolades in renowned international and local competitions. Your ranger will be delighted to assist you in any way possible, ensuring your wildlife photography experience is as exceptional as the subjects you encounter.

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