Mateya Safari Lodge

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Mateya Safari Lodge is an epitome of luxury and elegance, set within the breathtaking landscape of the Madikwe Game Reserve. Designed specifically for discerning travellers, the lodge offers an exquisite fusion of relaxed comfort in a magnificent setting. With the capacity to cater to only ten guests at a time, Mateya ensures exclusivity, privacy, and the pinnacle of personal care and attention.

Located in the Gabbro hills’ rocky outcrop, the lodge offers an elevated and uninterrupted view of the reserve. Comprising dining, lounge, and relaxation areas, Mateya Safari Lodge extends a graceful blend of beauty and tranquility. The suites, arranged radially around a hill, each offer a private, rim-flow pool deck and natural window sala, overlooking either the waterhole or the sweeping plains.


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What to Expect

The environment is awe-inspiringly beautiful, the game is abundant, and the comfort is unmatched. The artwork and literature at Mateya capture the very essence of untamed spirit, enhancing the atmosphere with the shared adventures of past travellers. The Mateya Safari Lodge Gallery and Library provide a refined space to relax with a chilled Chardonnay or well-matured Merlot, adding to the enriching experiences offered by the lodge.

Guests can immerse themselves in various indulgent activities, from guided tracking safaris through the Madikwe Game Reserve to exquisite fine dining experiences. Every aspect of a stay at Mateya is meticulously crafted to leave an unforgettable impression. The lodge’s design allows guests to engage with nature, whether gazing through the glass walls of the main dining room or watching the cinders dance under the starry sky from the open-air Fire Core.


Luxury Suites

The suites at Mateya Safari Lodge are an embodiment of luxury and refinement, set within the captivating wilderness of the Madikwe Game Reserve. The accommodations include five individually designed luxury air-conditioned thatched suites, each harmoniously blending with its natural surroundings. The uninterrupted views of the waterhole and plains offer guests a private and serene glimpse into the heart of Africa.

These suites strike a perfect balance between sophistication and comfort, allowing guests to savour their secluded slice of Africa in total privacy. Adorned with original African artworks, each suite seems to capture the very essence of the Madikwe Game Reserve – a place of untamed beauty and vitality.

Within each suite, the hand-crafted mahogany furnishings add a touch of elegance, while large windows bring the outdoors in. Whether watching zebras lead the plains game to the waterhole or relaxing under the shade of the natural window sala, the immediacy of the African experience is palpable. The cool water of the private rim-flow pool and the comfort of the suite’s amenities ensure a haven of relaxation.

The en-suite bathrooms, complete with secluded open-air showers, invite guests to indulge in a sensual and luxurious setting. Every detail, from the custom-designed fireplace to the view of the myriad of stars in the clear night sky, is crafted to enhance the pleasure and promise of the stay.


Wellness Center

At Mateya Safari Lodge, guests are invited to immerse themselves in an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation, capturing the renewing ambiance of the lodge and the grandeur of its natural setting. With a full range of delightful and restorative body treatments, a dedicated health therapist is at hand to transport you to a state of bliss and vitality.

Answer the call of the wilderness without leaving the comforts of the lodge by utilising our personalised gym. Here, you can take a refreshing breath of Mateya Safari Lodge’s enchantment, reinvigorating your mind, body, and soul. Set against the backdrop of the stunning Madikwe bush, the lodge offers an extensive and exclusive array of treatments that define luxury and indulgence.

Escape the everyday hustle and allow yourself to unwind in an environment crafted for relaxation. Our wellness center, boasting a well-equipped cardiovascular gym and a menu of body and facial treatments, ensures that every moment spent is a step towards tranquility and renewal. Guided by an internationally trained therapist with vast experience in the field, your journey at Mateya Safari Lodge becomes a unique and unforgettable experience of pampering and restoration. Experience the pure magic of Mateya, a haven where luxury meets nature’s elegance.

Wine & Dine

Guests are invited to an extraordinary culinary adventure under the African sky. Imagine marveling at a canopy of stars while dining outdoors, enveloped in the majesty of the clear night skies. The roar of an open-air fire core adds warmth and ambiance, drawing you into the wild beauty of the surroundings.

Submerge yourself in the glory of the African night as Mateya Safari Lodge hosts a royal feast, where expert culinary skills are demonstrated, and the freshest produce is transformed into a journey of African fusion and gastronomic delight. From the earth to your plate, each dish is crafted to tantalise your palate with unforgettable flavours.

For those seeking a more intimately elegant setting, the Mateya Safari Lodge wine cellar is available for private dining. An impressive collection of both esteemed local and rare French wines and champagnes – 8,000 bottles of pure indulgence – await your selection. The cool atmosphere of the Mateya Safari Lodge Cellar houses an extensive assortment that complements every meal.

Should you prefer a view of the sprawling plains, both the glass-walled main dining room and lounge deck provide uninterrupted panoramas of the reserve. Whether savouring a meal indoors or enjoying a bush picnic lunch on guided walking safaris, every dining experience at Mateya is imbued with the essence of the wild.

To conclude your meal in perfect harmony, select a brandy, cognac, or single malt whiskey with a cigar from our humidor. This pristine Mateya dining experience is more than just a meal; it’s a celebration of African flavours, luxurious comfort, and the timeless beauty of nature. A visit to Mateya Safari Lodge isn’t merely a stay; it’s an indulgence of all senses, a feast for the soul.

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