Royal Madikwe Luxury Safari Lodge

Discover the Diverse Wildlife of Southern Africa


Perched on the rugged dolomite ridges of the Madikwe Game Reserve, the Royal Madikwe Luxury Safari Lodge serves as your sanctuary for soulful rejuvenation. Here, sweeping vistas of volcanic inselbergs merge with lush grasslands, craggy outcrops, and venerable Leadwood trees, marking the convergence of the Kalahari Thornveldt and the Bushveldt Complex.

Guests are drawn to Royal Madikwe for its transformative experiences, effortlessly blending luxury with genuine warmth from our dedicated team. An ever-present symphony of wildlife awaits, whether you’re out on a safari or simply enjoying the views from our lodge, which is thoughtfully designed around a private waterhole.

Join us on a timeless journey through the wilderness, where every moment is a connection to the raw spirit of Africa. Breathe in the untamed essence of this captivating land, knowing that your stay also supports responsible tourism. Our alliance with The Bright Future Trust ensures that your visit makes a meaningful contribution to both the preservation of this pristine environment and the well-being of local communities.

At Royal Madikwe, luxury is not just an experience, but also a catalyst for positive change. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary landscape and discover not just the beauty surrounding you, but also the satisfaction of making a lasting impact.


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What to Expect

Embark on a captivating Gastronomic Safari with our inventive chefs, who weave the untamed essence of Southern Africa into every dish. Drawing inspiration from our wild surroundings, we enhance each culinary creation with carefully chosen local ingredients that engage all your senses. To elevate this extraordinary dining experience, each dish is expertly paired with the finest South African wines, harmoniously fusing flavours for a sublime exploration of our rich region.

Beyond culinary delights, we extend an invitation to step off the beaten path and venture into the wilderness with our highly skilled and knowledgeable guides. Walking in the very footsteps of the fauna provides a profound learning experience, offering insights into not just the larger animals, but also the often-overlooked flora and smaller creatures that contribute to the unique biodiversity of this Southern African wildlife reserve. Come, discover the all-encompassing wonder that is the Royal Madikwe Luxury Safari Lodge.


The Sovereign House

Positioned along a well-trodden Elephant trail on an age-old dolomite ridge, the Sovereign House at Royal Madikwe captivates with panoramic vistas and generous expanses of open space. Shaded by the canopy of Marula trees, the outdoor lounging areas become a natural extension of the home’s interior, which resonates with a colour scheme inspired by the dolomite rocks and iron-rich soils of Madikwe Game Reserve.

Limited to an exclusive occupancy of six, the residence features three elegantly furnished bedrooms, each boasting dreamlike views and luxuriously appointed en-suite bathrooms that echo the natural textures and hues of the landscape. Expansive living spaces serve as a gathering hub, radiating a cultured yet cosy atmosphere, while a loft-style lounge offers a haven for younger guests.

The residence boasts a state-of-the-art kitchen which overlooks sweeping vistas, adjacent to a sophisticated glass-encased wine cellar stocked with award-winning vintages—making Sovereign House an intergenerational delight.

Elevate your outdoor experience with expansive decks complete with an alfresco dining area, multiple lounge spots, and daybeds positioned beside the crystal-clear plunge pool. Freshen up under the open-air rain shower as zebras amble by, and conclude your day beside your private boma’s crackling fire beneath a canopy of stars.

Reawaken your spirit to the mystique of Africa and indulge in the unrivaled privacy of a bespoke family safari, a vivid celebration of nature’s grandeur. The Sovereign House stands as the quintessential choice for discerning families seeking a multi-generational retreat.




The Royal Villa

Enveloped by wild expanses, the Royal Villa at Royal Madikwe offers an oasis of domestic sophistication amidst infinite natural splendour. Illuminated by the soft glow of natural light that streams through expansive glass windows and retractable doors, the villa’s interior showcases tasteful accents of colour inspired by the diverse landscapes that envelop it. Its design—a harmonious medley of earthy textures and hues—resonates beautifully with the surrounding wilderness, creating a sanctuary of unparalleled tranquility.

Nestled within a dolomite-rich valley and strategically positioned opposite Madikwe Game Reserve’s most active private waterhole, the opulent two-bedroom Royal Villa emerges as the top choice for families seeking an elevated safari experience. Here, you’ll wake up to nature’s soft murmurs, setting the tone for each day’s adventures.

So whether you’re out exploring the reserve or relishing the sanctuary-like comfort of the villa, you’ll find countless moments to reconnect with the natural world. The Royal Villa invites you to explore, luxuriate, and retreat, in a ceaseless celebration of serene, soul-nourishing spaces.


The Naledi Suite

Situated along an ancient game path vibrant with wildlife, the Naledi Suite is an epitome of understated luxury and serenity, harmoniously blending with the awe-inspiring natural scenery. Perfect for couples or friends, the suite can also be combined with The Sovereign House for a truly exclusive family getaway. The interiors elegantly mirror the eternal beauty of the wild outdoors, featuring sumptuous furnishings wrapped in top-tier linens and accented by delicate splashes of colour that awaken your senses.

This meticulously designed one-bedroom suite offers a comprehensive array of amenities to enrich your sojourn in this African paradise. Nestled beneath the sheltering canopy of a venerable Blackthorn Tree, a cosy outdoor lounge serves as a tranquil refuge where you can unwind between safari adventures. Meanwhile, inviting sun loungers on your private terrace beckon you to bask in the golden rays of the African sun, right beside your naturally heated, crystal-clear plunge pool.

In this idyllic setting, allow the ambient sounds of nature to quiet your thoughts and elevate your spirit, as you immerse yourself in the gentle rhythm of this untamed land.


The Korone Suite

Infused with timeless elegance, the Korone Suite offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty and crafted sophistication. This one-bedroom suite exudes a luxurious tranquility, enhanced by soft colour accents that elevate your spirits, set against a calming backdrop of grey undertones and earthy elements. The suite’s allure is heightened by the distant echo of hooves, as wildlife traverse the ridge en route to the Royal waterhole.

Comfortable sitting areas offer panoramic views of the enduring game path, extending to your expansive private terrace. There, you’ll find a sunken, naturally heated plunge pool, along with sumptuous sun loungers that invite you to unwind and soak up the African sun.

Step into your open-air rain shower to rejuvenate, becoming one with the surrounding nature. In this serene sanctuary, distance yourself from the chaos of the outside world and let the peace within you flourish.


The Lenyalo Suite

The Lenyalo Suite is a tribute to love, offering a lavish one-bedroom sanctuary where couples can fully immerse themselves in the untamed splendour of Africa without sacrificing any luxurious amenities. Intricate details and earthy colour schemes in the suite are punctuated by vivid accents that echo the vibrant landscape enveloping this elegant retreat. A harmonious blend of contemporary and timeless pieces adorn the space, creating an atmosphere where time pauses, allowing you to savour the intoxicating aromas and musical whispers of nature.

Just steps from your private terrace, witness the spontaneous ballet of wildlife congregating around a waterhole situated a mere 20 meters away. Escape the midday sun in your own translucent plunge pool while still enjoying a front-row seat to the awe-inspiring vistas of the waterhole. To the North, your view stretches across expansive grasslands, punctuated by the unique formation of Inselbergs.

Soak in the ever-present sun on your cushioned loungers or withdraw to the seclusion of a shaded alfresco lounge for a leisurely afternoon. Here, the only disturbances you’ll encounter are the graceful movements of local fauna frolicking around the waterhole. In the Lenyalo Suite, surrender to an environment of unparalleled serenity, infinite scenic beauty, and a wealth of wildlife waiting to be discovered right at your doorstep.

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